I joked in my 2016/2017 post that the “dark secret” of this blog was that it’s as much for me to develop a set of habits, to do something every day, making it a priority, as it is about anything else. Providing at least some useful insights or interesting info is how I hope to get and keep an audience, but without putting up posts, I can’t put up good posts either.

So buried in Nick Cole’s recent post on platforms, was this:

Here’s what you need to know to do the same thing.  It’s easy.  In fact, it’s never been easier.

  1. Blog regularly.  Six days a week.  Say something.  Anything.  Even repost someone’s article (like this one) and add a comment to get readers interested and sharing the post even if it’s not yours. People who click on it will land on your website and they might get interested in your books.
  2. Stop going on Facebook and giving them free content by just posting stuff.   Take the time to write a blog post from your own website and then post it to Facebook.

Do this faithfully and start connecting with your readers regularly.  In time you’ll build an audience that will be yours and not some SJW media mogul’s who might decide to blacklist you because you think DNA determines gender.  Or global warming is a big lie.  Or civil rights is just a con game some crooks are using to stay in power.  Or Gweyneth Paltrow’s latest film sucks.  Whatever. Build your own platform.  Even if you’re not interested in causing trouble you’ll have an audience you can direct market your book to any time you want.

Now, I don’t have a book to sell, or anything else yet. You may say that whatever I do in the future I’m developing a skillset, or what Scott Adams would call a skill stack, that should help me out.Nick also wrote the excellent book, CTRL-ALT-REVOLT, [available at Amazon](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BKWKBCS?ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_mCHUwb0BH1NW2&tag=nick&linkCode=kpe). It has interesting characters, a fun story, and is just, in general, a great read.