My very first post on this blog ages ago was on the soundtrack to Pacific Rim. Described as “the most awesome dumb movie ever made, or the dumbest awesome movie ever made” the movie, the editing, the feeling of mass given to the Jaegers and the Kaiju, it all just worked. I especially appreciated how tightly the opening sequence set the background for one of the main characters, and explained how the world, and the mecha worked.

So seeing the trailers, I went “meh”. The mechs seemed to have no mass. And where the first movie has a soundtrack I absolutely love, this trend to using hip-hop everywhere to make it edgy, I guess because we have a black lead? Nevermind the “oh look yet another girl supergenius who does teh science” as if CSI and NCIS haven’t worn that trope to a thin layer of grease.

It was obvious someone lost focus.

As Geek Gab put it, where the first movie was a love letter, this was a form letter.

So no – I haven’t seen it, not even morbidly interested. And in case you’re thinking it’s just me and the Gab crew, I’ll point out that the first movie has about a 78-80% rating with critics and fans. This one is around 50.

Update: The form letter/love letter comparison wasn’t actually in the Geek Gab review, but this excellent breakdown over on Steemit.