One of my personal weaknesses is that I tend to get into obsessive ruts - take on a project that interests me, deeply immerse myself in it until I'm satisfied with my level of knowledge and skill, if not polish, then drop it for the next shiny thing that attracts my attention. Daily habit is relatively lacking, and things with slow progress curves requiring months, years of work are also difficult. I also have a tendency to make the perfect the enemy of the good.

Knowing this is literally the reason I reformed my excercise plan a while back, and part of why, outside of interest, I took up music - to do something every day or at least most days. It's also why I spent a year on this blog posting no matter what I had at hand or ready to discuss.

The downside is that progress is slow.

The upside is that the progress IS there. Also, you don't lose the skillsets over time to disuse.

As one of my friends notes in his post about exercising during a major move, and making the perfect the enemy of the good in general:

So, that’s why I’m happy that the last two weeks I’ve taken every chance to just get to the gym and get something done. I know that I’m not working out optimally, but living in a hotel room out of suitcases isn’t conducive to micromanaged fitness routines. As long as I make it downstairs and move some heavy things my goal is met. It’s not a perfect situation but it’s definitely a good one.

Get something done, anything. Even if far from ideal you likely will still make some progress. At worst, you won't lose, or will minimize loss of progress. You'll constantly refresh where you are so you don't return later, ready to make progress, and have to waste time getting back up to speed.