I hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful adn well spent, and that you are facing the New Year with hope and joy.

Looking back, this last year was one of transitions.

First, I met my goal of "post five times a week no matter what for one year" - and decided to keep going. Posts are fewer these days but I don't believe a week has gone by without a single one, and I've got a backlog of several topics that I'm putting together something for.

I'm certainly trying to avoid being topical as a matter of course - the goal here isn't to point fingers in outrage at "the latest stupid thing". I also suck at rehetoric though I can recognize the good stuff. Instead, it's to provide the foundation for understanding what and why. There are a lot of outrage articles that I never even started because there was little point.

Second was a sudden and unexpected death in the family. I won't go into details here, but I may respond to private requests on MeWe or Oneway, or via my protonmail address.

I changed hosting platforms. I truly do love the experience of posting articles in ghost vice Wordpress, and it provides just enough of an opportunity to noodle around in html to enjoy it without being tiresome. I believe I will have to do something about comments though.

I took up guitar. I'm only just starting, but it's fun, and have put in 15+ minutes a day.

Workouts are approaching my previous PR's, and while I haven't lost weight, it has stayed stable, and my percentage fat has gone down. So has my waistline.

The upcoming year will also involve some changes. See above on a couple usability fixes on the blog like comments. I'm also looking at work, and a few other personal improvements such as developing a local network of deplorables and ilk-friendly types. The area is rife with nevertrumpers of both the left and right persuasions, so we'll see.

Love you all, God bless.

P.S. And Sabaton announced they have a new album coming out.