Vox Day points out a tweet by Ben Shapiro.


Let’s pretend for just one second that ideology is what matters.

Are we checking for that? Are the people we are inviting into our country believing in the same kind of freedoms, the rights of Englishmen, English common law, the amendments to the constitution as limits on the power of government, and limited government in general?

Or are we inviting people from corrupt cultures, corrupt governments, tribal societies, full of graft, nepotism, and the desire to rule over others once any form of advantage is gained?

The latest answer to this question would be whether an immigrant of seven years had surely acclimatized by now, right?

Much to the horror of a number of families this Halloween, the answer is no.

The funny thing is that in a way both answers are correct. There is no magic dirt. IQ may follow genetics on average, but there are statistical groupings of personality traits as well, and even if there were not, cultural assumptions ingrained in childhood take generations to disappear, before a family is fully acculturated.

In short, for better or for worse, culture and assumptions overlap strongly with ethnic groups, and so does ideology. If we really statistically vetted for closeness to our ideology and western cultural values, and took the time to do so thoroughly, we would end up with far more white people and far fewer brown ones.

Culture or genetics, there is a reason why Africa, the Middle East, and other third world countries overall have not taken up the open-source technology of western civ. Why places like central and South America struggle to implement the structures and standards of a high trust culture in an environment where even the European background of the upper class comes from a lower trust environment than that of England, one notably influenced by the hundreds of years under the yoke of an even lower trust Islamic culture.

So, Benji. Even by your own yardstick, even if we were not omni-nationalists who consider that whites have just as much a right to a culture and existence as blacks, Jews, Russians, and eskimos, we should be concerned.