First of all, to absolutely no-one's surprise, at least no-one who has been observant, the press isn't spending a lot of time reporting on the recent STEM shooting. It violates the narrative in almost every conceivable way. Kids using handguns they couldn't legally buy, including a "trans" "boy" who's dad was a repeat offender and abusive illegal immigrant (why is he/she trans? Hmmm), who hated Christians and Trump.

Keep that one in mind when someone talks school violence, as well as Stefan's overview of Cruz's history from the Parkland shooting.

Out of mostly prior professional interest, I've sat through the first couple episodes of HBO's Chernobyl. I'll update the link to Wikipedia once I get the time to update the article. To the degree I remember, and not just from the Pohl book but the relevant training I've had, the series is fairly accurate if suffering from binge-watching slow dragging pacing. The occasional bits of gurrrrl power are annoying - a nurse schooling the town doctor on why iodine near a nuclear plant, and in the most recent episode, a "composite representative character", the directors own words,  shown as a woman scientits that is far more decisive and knowledgable than the almost literally slack-jawed while standing there looking at her and doing nothing as she solves problems men she works with. Outside of that it is tolerable and straightforward, and shows the degree to which the Soviets would translate "we would never have x type of  disaster so you must be mistaken and we will cut off the town so no contrary facts, er, misinformation, gets out".

As an aside, the person recommending the series was all "fucking Russians" and typically, pointing out that Russians actually are smart, are good engineers (the shit they managed to design to endure conscript maintenance and users is legendary), and that the sickness blatantly and explicitly shown, bowing to ideology, was common to all ideologically communist and heavily socialist regimes, was utterly discounted. Apparently North Vietnam, North Korea, China, Cuba, East Germany, ad nauseum having those same traits is still the fault of Russians and not any shared ideology.

The Didact discusses how with proper handling, no, not day-trading, etc., but long-term investment with caution, etc., over time, the stock market can actually be a good investment and not simply gambling. I will note that it only holds true in a society that is functioning and maintains a stock market. If things break up in 10-15 years, assets may need to be a bit more solid and property/ammo oriented.

Brian Neimeier passes along some exhortations against churchianity and the cult of "nice Jesus". From the chans, of all places.

Speaking of a not-nice Jesus and a fun read, don't forget the Heretics of St Possenti.

Men of the West points to an article eviscerating Žižek. Note the pride SZ has in violence to get their way.