Over the last couple weeks I've had various discussions, good and bad, about the culture, the degree to which it is compromised, and so on. This has ranged from rage at the suggestion that guys should get married and have kids on the supposed "right" to more pushes for abortion up until the last moments of birth.

I think for many who spend time mired in fighting SJW's it is literally unbelievable the extent to which mainstream libs simply take the shibboleths for granted, and seem nice, decent people until you blow a hole in their worldview. Assuming they don't simply ignore the hole as if it doesn't exist.

Take project Veritas and the Google expose that was, of course, removed from Youtube. Leaving aside the major media effectively ignoring the story, those on the left who have some awareness, or if you mention it, will go "but, deceptively edited," all but ignoring the fact that the bits shown are complete sentences in and of themselves, in reply to questions, shown on video, and that Veritas releases the full video so you can see that for yourself. The Verge and other outlets will narrowly define down "That Trump Situation" to just Cambridge Analytica and similar official positions of Google when video and other leaks over the years, as well as a dose of first-person exposure makes clear that the intent is the existence of Trump as a president, and people who agree with him having any say in politics or culture.

Or "he's been caught lying" - about? I believe he was nailed for misrepresenting himself to gain access, a charge he now admits he should have fought, but spin aside, the core of what he reports is true*, if maybe not so histrionic as implied, and disturbing enough as it is for what it shows people accepting as right and normal. What he has revealed about Google is absolutely deliberate skewing of results to change the available opinions of people to shift an election.

* This is fundamentally at odds with "Fake but accurate" regarding the Bush NG "documents" which were written up in a modern word processor and presented as typewriter-written military documents. One is a lean of interpretation, or being a little bit off on numbers where the fundamental relationship still holds true. The other, we're supposed to believe an assertion when the provenance of the information itself is a lie.

Worse - it completely meshes with video from after the election of the top people at Google dragging flyover country "low information voters" through the mud and discussing how they were going to make efforts to combat "hate." Combatting "hate" sounds nice until you realize that for them, "hate" is at least as nebulous a definition as "man," and "woman," and bears no relationship to concrete, objective truth. It is, as noted in a number of places, beliefs held by people to the right of Stalin.

Even Rubin, Peterson, etc. are hateful right-wing Nazis.

But the normie liberals believe that all of the reported hate is what we think of as "hate", not merely failing to sing the praises, or even denounce something they consider good while tolerating it.

Fake news? Either bad conspiracy theories spread by russians, or Trump and "white supremacists" lying about the "accurate" and "honest" press. Show them the clips from several CNN stories where they edited the footage, compared to video readily available elsewhere, and reported something different than what actually happened, and there are excuses, or silence, or "you're just a Trump supporter," or "you just hate the media." You could demonstrate this dishonesty for every major news network, even Fox - though the latter even moreso now that, a couple talking heads excepted, they've joined the #nevertrump crowd.

Or the overwhelming problem of hate crimes by whites which are actually so rare that people have to make them up out of whole cloth to get national media attention. Or declare "It's OK to be white" is "hate speech."

Talk about abortion, ask them when life begins, and they'll avoid the discomfort of murder by insisting it's all about the woman's right to choose. While there may be a viable definition of "life" starting at some time other than conception, the principles argued either effectively mean any detectable pregnancy is "alive", or could be used to excuse eliminating an inconvenient teenager ("They're dependent"). The adult woman's is the only body and choice that matters.

History is under attack as well. One of my favorite bands is Sabaton, and they are often accused of being right wing because they actually, unironically, tell the stories of wars and battles from the perspective of people involved, including defending their respective motherland and fatherland. Because they are willing to explain how the mistreatment and conditions of the Germans made them willing to bring an evil man like Hitler to power. Because they wrote an album about Adolph and Carl Gustav, and Sweden. Because, yes, even as they write songs about the Polish or Belgians or allies standing up to and fighting the Nazis, they also write songs about the Bismark, or Rommel's "Ghost Division" with a degree of respect an admiration for the competence, virtues and courage demonstrated. The Time Ghost channel of the historian who works with them on Sabaton History, Indy Neidell, often has videos demonetized, which also get fewer recommends, for the apparent offence of covering history.  No rhyme or reason.

But discuss all this, bring up example after example, and you're just paranoid, a hater, etc. ad nauseum. Can't you stop hating, and understand that Trump and Russia are at fault?

It's not just on the "left" as well. OK, yes, MGTOW has become a anti-feminist, yet otherwise utterly leftist parody. Feminists couldn't construct a better strawman of weak, whiny, women-hating men. Just look at some of the comments here, or especially here.

The Z man, Bruce Charleton, and Razorfist have recently made a set of points that, taken as a whole, points us towards a solution.

First, stop feeding the trolls.

Sure, sometimes you have to fight. Sometimes you have to defend, or attack to defend the things you build. But you need to build something as well. Time spent prowling for something to strike out at is time not spent building, and warps the soul if done too consistently and often. Worse, attention feeds narcissists, enpowers them.

In some cases, you may convince someone. Slowly. Over time. Anarcho-libertarian Wiccan Eric Raymond has come around on immigration, but it's obvious he has not fully embraced the consequences of Taleb's tyrannical minority, or that while in the short run it may be profitable to break ranks, that the long-term disruption and consequences may still be harmful. The comments thread is full of people who think he's wrong, either because they were already of the left, or because they explicitly hold to the belief that libertarianism must have open borders and that no sense of a communal, non-material good exists. It's not the first thing he's turned to a "right wing" position on - he cares about truth - but he's got a long way to go.

Pick your battles. Not everything "Occasional" Cortez says needs a reply. Worse, when it does, dialectic is almost certainly wasted. Attack the assumptions of moral superiority - because nitpicking when somene is off by a digit or order of magnitude comes across as just that - petty nitpicking. The clueless "useful idiots" will be more affected, and the ones who are aware of their hypocrisy, who pretend to standards but only worship power over others, in full self-awareness, will be better blocked.

In the end, build. be an example of doing it right. Learn what kind of woman to look for, or how to deal with the woman you have. If you chose spectacularly poorly, avoid divorce if you can, but you may be so fundamentally at odds (BPD, among other things) that no other choices present themselves. Raise a family. Make sure your kids know you love them. Make sure they know what you believe. While I am a parent, I cannot state that I was a successful one in fighting the culture's hold on my children. Instead, I'll borrow from friends of mine, as this advice holds for not only one's one family, but neighbors and freinds.

You're too early in to know this, but children absorb quite a bit from just being around you. Do cool stuff and they'll follow along naturally. It is a totally unfair advantage, teaching wise. (Which is why I talked of the terrible power fathers have.) Be bold and confident and your daughter will be. You are her living standard. All fathers are naturally #aggressive_paladins. Walk in the light. Never give up. Pick her up when she needs it. Fill her world with awesome, positive things to do. Evil and Teh Suck wither in the face of this light

Tell your children the truth, not pretty lies. When anger is needed, keep it on tap. Learn to restrain your anger - a failing of mine, FWIW - as calm and serenity help sell your message much better, most of the time. Again, rhetoric, not dialectic. Mockery with confidence goes a long way.

Know that the people you deal with are usually oblivious and afraid to see the truth, not lying to you. Getting angry at them is like getting upset at the tides. It's the shameless and knowing liars that deserve your scorn and anger.