My introduction to Norwegian cinema didn't start with the recently mentioned Kon Tiki. For that matter, it didn't start with the movie I'm discussing today, but if I recall, with either the Netflix series Lillyhammer, or a dark little piece called Headhunters. While both were okay, the first one that actually impressed me was a disaster movie I found mentioned over on Quintus Curtius's blog called simply The Wave, or Bølgen.

The movie is inspired by several rockslides which, in the confines of the narrow fjords, have caused huge title waves, killing dozens of people. Similar events included the Lituya Bay earthquake which caused a wave large enough to wash out trees up to an elevation of 1720 feet.

Yes, it is the standard disaster movie. Your scientist that no-one believes figures prominently. What makes this film work though is that while it may have your standard disaster beats, it is well shot, edited, and acted, with far better than usual characters.