This weekend a Republican headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed with a molotov cocktail. Spray – painted were a swastika and the phrase “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else”.

Those used to hanging around Vox Day, and those with an understanding of history, will immediately look at this behavior and recognize “SJW’s always project”. The very people casting accusations that their opponents are Nazis are, of course, the ones engaging in Nazi tactics.

Nominal “Conservatives” don’t entirely get it either. “This is how you get brownshirts” was one comment I’d seen – and when it was pointed out that we obviously already had said brownshirts engaged in violence, there was acknowledgment, but then “maybe blackshirts then, as Trump is so fascist.”

Europe especially, but many in the US as well, have learned the wrong fucking lesson from world war two. The problem with the German National Socialist Workers Party was the “socialism” part, not the nationalism part. Socialism and fascism borrowed the concepts of teamwork and working together , but with society placed above the individual as a matter of law, with a central bureaucratic control. Calling for America to recognize itself as a nation, calling for people to work together and join a cause, is not the same thing as fascism.

Even more amazing, I’ve talked to several Hillary supporters. “Holy shit”, “I can’t believe it” – surprise was the norm, they never expected it. A few commented on how polarized and divisive, angry political language, but couldn’t recognize how much of it was directed against the right, the degree that support for BLM and other causes has made “conservatives”, christians, etc. fair game for violence.