One failing that I won't ditch an otherwise honest historian for is that of "No True Socialism" - especially when it comes to accepting the big lie that Nazi Germany was really "right wing".

Which brings me to Indy Neidell, of The Great War, World War II, and Sabaton History channels on Youtube.

Overall, it rests on several theses I've heard over and over again. Among them are that there is a "third way", that the Socialism was "just in name" much like the "democratic" part of East Germany's name was, and that of course, from the European view, Nationalism was "right wing" regardless of the underlying politics. Oh, and they were really jsut criminal thugs and not enacting any generally socialist principles despite their claims.

This ignores the issue of how many places were deemed to be amazing examples of "working" socialism until they failed - see Venezuela and "no true socialism". It also ignores the fact that nearly every nation involved in WW2 was nationalist in outlook - otherwise why did it matter who ruled over the French, and why did we have to makee sure England was safe after WW1? - and that it is hardly a universally nationalist outlook vice an imperialist/supremacist one to overrun, conquer, and occupy other nations for the benefit of your own.

Also please ignore that by becoming more specific in their victim groups, Nazis pioneered todays intersectional politics of feminism vs race vs lgbt vs etc. - they just picked the wrong one to remain fashionable.

Nope, imperial prussian supremacist factors aside, what the Germans uniquely shared with the murderous Soviets was not the nationalism it shared with effectively everyone else, but the socialism.

Here's a recent, earlier Razorfist video.

Just as one can wipe the boundaries between ideas by overstretching a word, one can also play jailhouse lawyer games to make it too specific, such that nothing fits the meaning vice everything, in equal meaninglessness. For our intents, the point Razor gives is critical: that you can quibble about who "owns" the businesses, but when the government defines what you can build, how much to sell it for, etc., it doesn't matter if you're a figurehead "capitalistic" owner - the business is still controlled by the "representatives of the [ people | working class | Germans ]", ostensibly for said [ people | working class | Germans ]. Also, as Razor points out, the criminality and corruption in the government interference with business and lifelihood is a necessary consequence of centralized government control whether you want to call it corporatism, socialism, or anything else - psychopaths are drawn to power, and the nature of needing to control everything about everyone's lives renders every government attempting it authoritarian and totalitarian over time even without psychos in charge. The tyrants are what you get when the pretty theory meets reeality.

If I had to define it in one sentence, Socialism is the belief that power, rights, duties, etc., stem from the government (or whatever body represents and enforces law in interest of [ people | working class | Germans ]), for the good of the [ people | working class | Germans ], and not from a higher power - though some may claim an objective, scientific standard on which they "base" that government, the better to throw dissidents in asylums for being "insane" to oppose socialism/communism, etc.. This government can of course be composed of "the people" - in that wonderful show-fashion the Soviets were so fond of.

There is no check because there is no higher standard the people or their government are held to in the face of the supposedly common good.

This definition explains the overarching and totalitarian attitude - the personal is political - in governments that see free to take away your home, life, livelihood, business, or anything else for "the common good". Your children aren't yours, what toothpaste you even have available to choose is subject to the whims of some commisar. It also covers the fact that these governments operate for the good of the "people" in theory - German people for Nazi Germany - and the government in practice. Finally, it covers the fact that whetheer the businesses are owned outright by the "people" or just micromanaged, the government has the final say in the life or death of so calleed private business.

Also - LOLbertarianism won't save you - it is just as materialistic. There is no higher moral authority which prevents it from falling to the tyranny of the minority or strong man.