Jim Fear elaborates a bit on his earlier post on hard SF. This paragraph caught my eye:

I view what we’re trying to do here in military terms. Maybe I’ve been listening to Sabaton too much lately, which is entirely possible, but this is how I’ve been conceptualizing it. There is, as I said, a crumbling edifice that I’ll dub Tradpub (yes I stole that from Brian Niemeier shaddap). Tradpub is a kingdom on the decline. It ruled with an iron fist for many years, but now there are many disparate forces that are looking at the jewels heaped inside and thinking, “I’ll be damned, but those would look mighty spectacular in my coffers.” There are also those that just want to burn the place to the ground to watch the light show. And so, not through any conspiracy but through sheer organic growth, armies formed and began to assail the kingdom of Tradpub. The two we’re concerned with are the Superversive Army and the Forces of the Pulp Revolution. [emphasis mine]

Before I get on with any commentary – there is no such thing as too much Sabaton. Sure, it’s nice to listen to Iron Maiden, Yngwie, Nightwish, I even Like Dragonforce, and of course prog rock, etc., but too much Sabaton?


Where was I?

Oh yeah, go read his post.

And since he posted Blood of Bannock Burn: