Over on the Red Pill Religion Youtube Channel, John C Wright and Max discuss neurolinguistic programming and how it affects things.

Wright is particularly well situated to comment on that, as he wrote the authorized sequel to A. E. Van Vogts "Null-A" books.

Covered in the discussion are thought traps, avoiding them through precision of language and how decades of propaganda, advertising, and tyrannical linguistic programming rework language to hide and shade (what Owen Benjamin would calls Wizardry). A specific example is given of how the abortion debate has become between the tyrants who won't leave a woman free to control her body vs the baby murderers... though I'd note one thing, that freedom over oneself is not freedom over other lives. Say what you like about the "right" of a woman to control her body - but that baby is not her body, and unilaterally holding life and death over it is the ultimate in tyranny.

From the comments: "There's very little to laugh about WHENEVER people systematically set out to use language for other things than communication."