I was first introduced to Jordan Peterson on Stefan Molyneux’s show.

Jordan Peterson is an atheist. Regardless, unlike many, even if only on a mythological level, he has a far more understanding view of religion and the role it, or something like it, needs to play than many who are not believers, and a far deeper understanding of the symbology than many who are.

It’s hours and hours of listening, but episodes 9, 10, 12, and 13 of his podcast, “Maps of Meaning” are well worth every minute. Casting further out, you’ll also find him tearing apart modern social justice and postmodern thought – in fact, what brought him to the attention of the screeching SJW horde was his argument against personal pronouns.

Episode 9 – Maps of Meaning 1 – 3 

Episode 10 – Maps of Meaning 4 – 6 

**Episode 12 – Maps of Meaning 7 – 9 **

Episode 13 – Maps of Meaning 10 – 13