I was digging a bit into various covers of Senbonzakura because as much as I love the Waggaki band it turns out the song did not start with them, but in an anime-related community known as Vocaloid. In the process, I stumbled into a pretty interesting cover done by a lady called Lindsey Sterling, and since I'm a sucker for cute girls playing violin, looked around.

She doesn't dance as much in this video as she does in other songs. She reportedly has learned to play and dance at the same time, at least for some songs she knows really well. Nevertheless, it's a decent rendition of the main Halo themes. I do find her hand posture a bit unusual compared to what I was taught.

Given her pixie cut and the visual themes in some of her videos, I'm sure her politics are the usual feelgod crap. Oh well.

Insofar as Senbonzakura - I'm positive she's not playing for a number of the dance moves, but decent cover.