Posting has been light the last couple days as I’m about 350 miles from where I normally reside and making plans to get back home with dogs and family after a mildly oversized storm system came through. I’m fortunate, my home was above flood lines, and thanks to a recently replaced transformer around the block I still have power (in 2004 I got to watch my neighbors lights – on a different transformer – for two days before power came on with Gaston…). Certainly better than some towns in West VA.

Nevertheless, checking in, I saw the Didact [has posted]( this piece of awesomeness:

Yes, the boys are back, and whoever is doing the editing for the Amazon trailers knows exactly what made that show so awesome. That level of epic masculine awesomeness is too dangerous to be experienced without the intermediary of a TV screen

So – following that sweet trailer I caught this:

I’m torn. I love, love, love the first John Wick movie. The tone, the action, the pacing, make it a movie I’ll watch twice in a row. The moment where the mob boss chews out Leguizamo’s chop shop manager, and is informed that the mob boss’s son was stupid enough to steal John Wick’s car, and kill his dog, and just… stops.. “oh”. The comeuppance to the crooks who violated neutral ground (the first time I remember said sanctuary ever being an issue for anyone but the good guy…). The interplay between Wick and the mob boss at the end.
I fucking love that movie. Keanu, everyone in it, nailed it.
And I’m not sure, despite how cool the trailer looks, that this one will “work”. It could – but it may also suffer from sequelitis.
We’ll see.