While Stefan gives his usual excellent overview, in this instance I think Sargon of Akkad gives just enough needed backstory. Oh, and Razorfist displays his usual vulgar eleoquence.

(Update – it’s unsure at this time whther the person who created the original GIF was a minor or not. Some rumors indicate yes, but there exists reason to believe this is not the case. This in no way makes it better because we either have CNN ruining the life of a minor before he even graduates, or, since the altrnative is very possibly a middle aged guy with a family, destroying the career of an adult with a family to support.)

(Update 2 – The Didact made a nice post on this too, with a handy graphic pointing to a handful of CNN Advertisers)

Frankly, other than discovering a vast, depthless well of shadenfreude I hadn’t previously been aware of, I can’t add much to the conversation. I’m in awe, the degree to which they managed to score an own goal. I don’t think “Leeeeeeerooooooy Jenkins!” begins to cover it.

A couple fun memes and gif’s were found though, and I’ve added a couple myself, though I suspect mine aren’t up to the same degree of quality.