If you recognize the not-quite-Chris Foss image gracing this article, you've likely spent a few hours lost in a truly groundbreaking game called Homeworld - one which, a few years back, had been released in a "remastered" version that took the original game, ships, adn strategy and dressed them up with much more detailed models and texture maps.

Well, it looks like a new iteration of the game is on its way.

For those of you not familiar with the game, the below does a decent job of reviewing why the game was good, in terms of story, art production, etc.

For my own two cents - I fell in love with the box art. The game did something completely different from Dune/Command & Conquer/Warcraft/Starcraft, with solid voice performances, good visuals, unique gameplay, and haunting music.

The following gives a high level overview of some of the challenges faced, as seen by the developers:

In favor of the new game - while the devs look a bit hipsterish, they're actually mostly fit.