Waukesha and Trials

We've listened to the media and powers that be go on for over a year how Kyle was a white supremacist, and anyone who objects to their towns burning down and property destroyed by people purporting to be acting in the name of social justice is a horrible person and must be, perforce, a racist. No other explanation or motive exists.

Do you honestly think Binger would have fought so hard to get in the long-after-trial "proud boys" encounter if there as a scrap of evidence on Kyle's (turned over and unlocked) phone that would have been useful to the narrative?

We see the same narrative play out in the Aubrey trial. Some similarities include the defense not being strategically cognizant of the racial animus and horrifically clumsy at times, but also the prosecutor being a dishonest pile of trash. Despite that, it looks like the McMichaels and co. may well walk if they can avoid a conviction on false arrest - which is where the prosecutor has played particularly dirty on her closing rebuttal.

All we've heard all the last few years and especially last year, in a screaming crescendo relative to the buildup of the last decades, is how every white person is racist, horrible, and exclusively responsible for slavery (please ignore who actually worked to stamp out slavery, or how the slaves got sold out by other tribes) and the whole system is systemically oppressive to minorities, with false narratives of Trayvon, Brown, Floyd, Aubrey, and yes, even of Kyle's shooting (hint, Rosenbaum isn't black) as examples of how awful white people are.

So - Waukesha.

Even though BLM activists have been interviewed stating that they believe it is tied to and in response to Kyles verdict, and that more may come, and despite the buffalo stampede of a backtrail of the suspect making his racial animus very clear, we are, of course, not going to hear a peep.

This is what the lies lead to - and they will continue to cover it up, to make it difficult to point credibly to the truth.

More moral cretins.

John C Wright looks at some more moral cretins orbiting the events around Kyle, in this case, the people canonizing Rosenbaum and company.

Anyways, the fucker plead out of like 11 counts of child rape (there were more accusations, they just never made it to court) and only got like 10 years (ended up only being 8). My brother and I are late 20s/Early 30s now and he has mostly moved on but up until he was 14 he would cry almost every night and ask to sleep In the same bed as me or my sister or mom. I can only imagine what the other victims are going through.

Now, somehow he made his way to Kenosha and was shot dead. Whatever. Couldn’t care less. Also couldn’t care less about the trial or the verdict of Kyle.

What gets me is all these fucking celebrities calling him cutesy fucking nicknames and talking like him like he was such a great human being. “RIP Joseph” “Such a kind soul” “He didn’t deserve this” Pedro Pascal is a good actor but somehow saw fit to call this POS a Hero.

What finally made me lose it was Mark Ruffalo’s “RIP JoJo” What the whole fuck? Literally petnaming him. I’m so fucking angry. This man was a terror who deserved hell 20 years ago and major celebrities are making him to be a Martyr.

I get that the criminal and monstrous backgrounds of Kyles attackers couldn't be brought into evidence because it wasn't something in his knowledge or a factor in his judgements, but praising them as innocent victims is horrific.

GRRM is a cretin too.

There's an excellent twitter thread over at this readerapp link exploring why A Song of Ice and Fire's failure was structurally inevitable. IA lot of it has to do with his nihilistic and bitter worldview.

America's Trial

This article goes considers Kyles trial from a more meta/moral perspective - namely, the foundation of the right to protect your own community - and the various things that came to light.

Black Rifle Coffee

I know I've posted favorable stuff in the now fairly distant past, but you won't see favorable mention of them ever. They sold Kyle out a year ago, and even now they're more concerned about cringe filled posts about fashion shows and luscious hair than even trying to say "he was wrong."


Bari Weiss belatedly realizes the media sold everyone a load of bad goods.