To crib a general concept from a far more prolific blogger, there are a number of items that pop up that just don't deserve a full writeup on their own, but may still be interesting, or deserve a line or two.

First, courtesy of Men of the West, a nifty video on instant vs delayed gratification, and how small choices and differences, consistently iterated over time, add up to huge differences down the road.

If you haven't guessed just from the trailer, don't Watch-men.

Author Peter Grant brings an AirBNB scam to our attention. Pretty sure they don't want news like this as they prepare to go public, but this brings to mind the bitter jokes of "improving the user experience" and why a lot of tech, valid reasons aside, just doesn't work as it should anymore. Namely: having no idea what people want or need. On what fucking planet is "the apartment/whatever was nothing like what was promised" answered with "sorry, chump"?

Yet again, posters spring up with the horribly racist thought that it's "OK to be [x]" when x==white. Bruce Charlton does have a good point:

These notices were instantly interpreted as merely a surface signal of a set of underlying assumptions that the Establishment - correctly - regarded as hostile to its Leftist totalitarian agenda. Which is exactly what they were! So the focus upon what the words state is disingenuous.

Likewise, when the Establishment are pushing concepts such as equality, diversity, and inclusion - we ought to be aware that these terms and expressions are meaningless in themselves - but are merely a signal for an underlying agenda which has been unfolding rapidly for the past several decades.

Likewise, when the mass media are pushing a particular story, and it does not matter which one, we ought to be aware that the facts are irrelevant (and always selective, and mostly false or distorted) because this is merely a signal for an underlying agenda which has been unfolding for the past several decades.

In other words the Establishment are always and everywhere (when functional) 'conspiracy theorists' - and everybody ought to be a conspiracy theorist - because that is the way the world works. The significant societal world is one of deep strategies.

People who focus on specific words, or specific laws, or micro-defined issues - are merely doing this tactically to pursue their own Big Agenda, their own conspiracy - or else they are making a mistake.

That said, I'm not sure that it's that disingenuous. Part of the purpose is to make plain to the normies that the left hates them - and the more self-aware of the left deal with the cognitive dissonance and contortions involved in labeling such speech "racist".

In the meantime, one of my favorite game bloggers, the Alt-Right DM, reviews the second issue of Alt-Hero Q.

Alt Queero Drops a Deuce
And just like that, post a review of a not-Alt-Star-Hero book, and one drops into my lap like a full plate of Moons Over My Hammy when the Denny’s waitress is as drunk as the rest of the peop…

Over at the reach, the Didact has a few cutting comments about mz. thousand-cock stare and wooden "actress" Emma Watson and her status as "self-partnered."

Uh-huh. Right. Sure. She's "self-partnered" now, boys.

So, basically, she loves herself, she has sex with herself, she sleeps with herself, and she enjoys spending time by herself.

Among men, this is known as being an "incel". Among women, this is known as being a "crazy cat lady".

On the "good news" front, there are two excellent campaigns to contribute to. The first, for a republishing of a proper 2020 version of the Collier Junior Classics based on the 1918 version, and a Castalia Campaign centered on the upcoming Corporate Cancer.

The Junior Classics
The updated 2020 edition of the 1918 Collier Junior Classics in a set of 10 volumes. | Check out ‘The Junior Classics’ on Indiegogo.

On the "they hate you" front, there is now an award-winning chair design to cure manspreading and encourage womanspreading.  I wish I was kidding about any aspect of that - the mere existence, or the fact that enough enablers existed for it to win a national design award in the UK.

Also, the deplatformings will continue until morale improves, or at the very least no-one will dare complain. Not just St. Efan but also fitness instructor A. J. Cortes.

Finally, I've said it before, and related to "SJW's always (and liberals usually) project" - most gun control activists can't imagine self-control because they have none. So, an anti-gun activist kills her three kids and then herself.  I feel sorry for the kids, they didn't have a say in being raised by her. Side note- over half of domestic partner violence is initiated by women, and the vast majority of child abuse is by mothers.