While I've burned out on miniature-based games as an expensive hobby who's changing rulesets demand new minis - even Warmachine and, to a lesser extent, Malifaux escaped their small-scale skirmish roots - I still love modeling, and there's something about the fine work of assembling and painting minis or airplanes and tanks that is simply calming and satisfying.  

I also love a good wargame. I haven't had the chances I'd like to mess with ASL or The Fifth Frontier War, nevermind delve into the "build your own wargame" sandbox of Striker, but even now my shelves hold, in addition to ASL, Commands and Colors: Ancients and Starship Troopers, as well as Talon, SE4X, and others. One of my favorite lite rulesets for modern - WW2 - games is Crossfire. It doesn't require hexes, or measured movement rates, making it easy to set up in VTT, fairly easy to translate to 2D maps, and, of course, great for miniatures.

So it's nice to see a new channel that looks at minis, wargames, and the entirety of the hobby of wargaming.