I really, really cannot find much to add to this epic takedown of modern pop music by the Didact.

So, of course, I’ll endeavor to try anyway.

It’s not just music that’s getting (provably, in complexity of lyric, melody, and melodic structures within a song) stupider – and please do take the time to watch the Paul Joseph Watson video in that posting – it’s our reading entertainment as well.

A long time ago, on another fora, I had the pleasure of reading a discussion regarding older science fiction and fantasy works which of course included Jeffro. It was mentioned by someone that rereading the Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper  – a book I read back in middle school myself – struck him in how the language was richer and more complex than a lot of what passed for modern, “smart” reading. And Alexander Macris, of Autarch and Adventurer Conqueror King fame (seriously, if you play anything D&D style, you are neglecting yourself to not check it out) pointed out he had a TED talk on just this topic.

Now, outside of a scant handful of examples – Mike Rowe, mostly – I’d long ago come to the conclusion that Nassim Taleb did that TED talks were largely a chance for IYI’s to bloviate and say nothing of importance while appearing so. TEDx talks are, IMO, even worse. Nevertheless, I checked it out, and if a bit dry, it’s still worthwhile just to consider the facts presented.

Gentlemen, everything around us is being dumbed down, to the lowest common denominator. Thank God and Vox Day for Castalia House.