I've written before about a webcomic called Stand Still, Stay Silent. Love the artwork and storytelling on it. Unfortunately, I don't follow it daily, as only a few pages a week are released, so I often go a month or two before catching up, only to find myself waiting for the next installment yet again.

It seems Minna, the artist and writer, has been busy with a new short comic/standalone story. The first clue I had was a piece of artwork posted with "a new comic about cute animals in a dystopian social credit system," - and the style looked very familiar.

Yes, cute bunnies in a social justice hell.

She has also come out as Christian.

This has not surprised me, but then, having read her work, there is beauty and truth to it. As to many others, especially since a lot of her audience are fellow scandi's, it has caused a lot of shock and anger. As far as I can tell, she has handled it with grace, flat out stating that she herself would have taken their side, and made those arguments but a year or two ago.

I want to address a couple other things though I'd seen in the recent comments until she shut them down due to the rancor: An argument made about social credit systems in general made by a critic, and a plea to please join a sensible liberal/leftist denomination.

As to the last - why bother? An argument made explicitly by those espousing critical theory, critical race theory, critical <whatever> theory, is that there is no truth, it's just a label we apply to narratives to justify, attain, and hold power. The very concept of absolute truth is anathema to them, and hewing to that side is to absolutely guarantee at some point you will be forced to mouth lies to not be exiled or worse. There may be morality without God, but the religious impulses of humanity tend to lead those who desire power, or at minimum don't want to be judged, and don't believe in a higher absolute, to act as if they are gods, and no rules bind them. In addition to the butchery and organized mass slaughter in the name of this humanist ideal, unsurprising if you take them at their word about everything being a power struggle and no objective truth (or thus, morality), one can look at Foucault, Sartre, and other darlings of the intellectual left, as well as the horrifying story of Moira Greyland to see how a life with no limits but human desire can look. Two of the most disturbing things to me about Moira's story are the degree to which the abuse she, her brother, and others went through at the hands of her parents and other adults were aided and abetted by the larger community around them, and the pseudo-intellectual arguments they made to justify the monstrous behavior.

Another commenter stated that the church was one of the oldest social credit systems. I think, given the overall statement, that he honestly believed it.


Every society will have reputation. Some people will be badmouthed, either because they genuinely treat people poorly, are genuinely lazy, etc., or because a psychopathic queen bee is cutting them down as a social attack to their standing. Sociopaths and narcissists will always abuse whatever levers for power and reputation exist, and that was true of religious power centers as well. What makes reputation a social credit system - simply by trying to treat this as if we've always had it, in a way, shows it truly is something different - isn't the existence of standards, no matter how ephermal (see again, no objective truth), or of labels (though up until recently, leftists and globalists were trying to subvert the concept of "badlabel", especially slut and adulterer, unless you're superstraight), but the gamification, persistence, and universal totality of it.

One may not want to admit their sins to random people, but with a social credit system, your reputation is forever. It's not just whether you are a murderer, something that 20 years ago you could walk down the street without people knowing without you volunteering the information or being subject to a background check for employment, but what books you have on your bookshelf at home.

Or stating that what happened in DC on January 6th, 2021, was not an insurrection by any previously existing definition of the word.

God Bless, I wish for all the best for Minna.