If you dig through “Liberal Fascism” – the only useful thing Jonah Goldberg’s done as having one’s bowtie in a bunch is not a useful skill or accomplishment – you get a good introduction to the history of the progressive movement, and how it and other movements of the early 20th century, including Fascism, National Socialism, Communism, all interacted. Jordan Peterson and others have pointed out since how post modernism in its current form is basically birthed from Marxism, and shares concepts that go back to the 1800’s. C.S. Lewis wrote of such in Abolition of Man.

In the end, it is a death cult. Death of the mind, death of the soul, death of the family, death of civilization, and in the end, death in the millions, tens of millions, as the bodies stack up in job lots.

All of it.

Yes, many are well meaning – lied to and uncritical because they’ve been taught that this is the end result of critical analysis, when t is almost entirely critical, period. Many think they’re clever – the debate Molyneux had, for example, which was particularly painful to listen to.

In the end though, with all of the accusations thrown at Peterson – how he didn’t understand C16 – especially pernicious if you look at his original video where he steps through it in detail and in context – how he’s wrong about how he and others will be treated,  are proven wrong, over and over again, and Peterson proven right.

First – Peterson:

This is why I think Peterson is wrong to say “don’t come to win.” Again, yes, in dealing with reasonable people, work for peace, but when the only options you are being left are lose, and die, be shunned, not be able to work or seek employment, and shame and slow starvation, literally an existential threat, or win, because they won’t compromise, then I choose survival. It may not be a Maoist struggle session, yet, but it’s the starter version of the same game.

They accuse him of doxxing, of being a nazi, as giving him a chance to even be heard without biasing the audience is like presenting Hitler’s speeches as if they were neutral.

Here is the audio he’s referring to – keep in mind they only eventually apologized because they were exposed:

And Sargon’s take on it: