Larry Correia, much like the rest of the puppy crew, has repeatedly said that it’s perfectly OK to have messaging in stories, but that awesome story comes first. He went even further, and stated that art should not be a successful author’s first concern, but instead:

My personal philosophy is that all writers need to put GET PAID in their mission statement. All that artistic creative stuff is nice too, but make sure GET PAID is in there (in all caps).

Others have pointed out that Larry’s work was “pulp” [before there was a pulp revolution](, breaking genre barriers as well as PC ones.
> Thesis: The writings of +Larry Correia are pure #PulpRevolution. > > Let’s run through the supporting reasoning. > > 1 Action Oriented: Larry writes action. Larry writes GOOD action. Larry writes action scenes that blow the top of your head off. In fact, Larry has said that if he goes 5000 words without an action scene, he starts to get twitchy and feels the need to blow something up. (Paraphrasing, obviously.)

So I find it appropriate to look around and recognize the following. The pulp revolution ethos is Larry’s storytelling ethos dialed up to eleven. Not only screw worrying about PC checklists for skin color, gender(s), or what not, awesome first, screw genre too.

As Larry’s own books,  and the pulp revolution show, awesome knows no genre.

OK, one exception. Maybe nihilistic navel gazing liberal wankery knows no awesome.