Well – bad news. One of my favorite “games” – Kerbal Space Program – has lost a large chunk of it’s development team over at Squad. After thanking the professionalism, etc. of the dev team, Squad posted the following:

“But this is not all! Here at Squad we’re looking into the future and we have great and ambitious plans for the KSP franchise and even more!

Looks like they’re trying to rehire.

Completely unknown at this time is how much of the driving vision of KSP was due to any of the leaving members, and how well future development work will fare. I have my fingers crossed.
Why, you ask?
KSP is an old school sandbox game that matches the insane level of detail of most flight simulators with orbital mechanics, and cute little green guys who die in rocket crashes. Which will happen. A lot. Did I mention crashes? It demands patience, has a steep learning curve, and the high you get when you finally, finally, land a Kerbonaut on the “Mun” is worth every second of it. The crowd playing the game develops delta-vee charts for various booster configs so you can calculate needed fuel tankage and thrusters for various payloads and mission profiles, develops plugins for everything from increased detail to autopilot systems to even more insanely realistic physics.