A lot of people conflate "legal" and "moral." This of course was the favorite way for entertainment pedowood types to strawman "conservatives" compleat with phrases like "nothing personal, it's just business," when anyone who actually has done business knows it's all about being personal, and establishing relationships, especially at high level sales. It is also, of course, how cuckservatives will gladly buy into "legal" immigration without asking the question "so what if we made it legal for anyone to come in for any reason and stay."

All it takes, after all, is to pass a law.

So over at Men of the West, they take a look at the concept of "he needed killin'."

On a tangentally related note, author Peter Grant takes a look at preparing for the demonization of gun owners, by people actually serving demons. Funny how busybodies hate people who can say "no" and make it stick.