I am sure it's not the first time that I've covered this, but, a reminder.

It has become the habit of criminals in LA to spot a likely looking target, and follow them "home" to rob them. The police recommend you do not resist, that you simply stand by and be a good victim, er, "witness", and then call the police.

It may be a pragmatic solution, but I fundamentally disagree. Even leaving aside the whole "defund the police" movement, and the attitude that the criminals can be excused by many on the left.

One: everything that one has, in terms of property, has value. Whether it is sentimental - a gift from someone who cared about them - or the time, blood, sweat, and tears put in to acquire it. It may, in the end, not be worth your life to resist, but nevertheless, part of who you are, what you did, what you strived for, and what you valued, a small piece of you and your life is what is being taken away when you are robbed or mugged.

It is not just "stuff."

Assuming it even can be replaced, that has a cost as well. Even assuming some form of insurance covers some part of it.

The thieves may not be murdering someone, but they are nevertheless taking a part of someone's life.

Two: What does this say under the golden rule (Taleb's "silver rule")? Am I the kind of person who accepts theft? The thieves obviously believe that their desire to obtain or keep something justifies violence, and do not believe in leaving other's property alone. Why should we not treat them in accordance with their beliefs, while affirming ours?