I was discussing Moira Greyland's The last Closet with someone last night, and in the mood of drawing connections, my last post came to mind.

I've discussed before, this post among other places, how the left hates any form of boundary, be it national, personal, or sexual, constraining their behavior, and how this maps to cluster-B tendencies. I've also pointed out it's not just the recent drag queen storytime sessions. Many of the intellectual left's literary heroes have preached, endorsed, and too often practiced outright pedophilia, for no-one is too young to be introduced to sex, no matter how malleable, immature, and biologically unready they are. Given the damage done to kids when they are abused like this - which the left only cares about when they can pin it on priests and preachers - it's hardly surprising that many of them, like Moira's brother, don't survive much past childhood.

What I hadn't considered, despite my own observation on the long-term impact of widespread feminist careerism, abortion, and encouragement of homosexuality on a society (wiping itself out by slow, selfish suicide) was the impact of this boundarylessness on society.

Thinking on it now, I'm pretty sure it's a continuum. You can rail at me about slippery slopes all you like, but when your guiding principle for sexual license is "if it feels good, do it", there are few if any effective moral brakes to prevent you from diddling kids. If widespread premarital sex and adultery bring down civilizations just due to the misdirected energy and destruction of stable families and communities, how much worse is the destruction when kids are outright broken and shattered like that?