Title pretty much says it all.

One of the things that drives me nuts about the useful parrots in the "inclusivity" and open borders crowd is how they don't understand something as fundamental as the intolerant minority, or, in this case, the variant of "it only takes one side to start a war."

It doesn't matter how much a group of buddies want peace or how pacifist a group of hipsters are. No matter how much they'd prefer spending time biking, playing xbox, listening to classic rock on the stereo, or NPR, etc., the second someone comes along who's not playing by the rules, even if they aren't using violence and force but simply doing what they want and getting in the way until the hipsters leave or play along, the pacifists lose.

Ditto inclusivity, and I think this is why they are so adamant in controlling what everyone is allowed to think - excepting of course the aforementioned outsiders they are welcoming in who oddly won't bow to their control. Because deep down they know that the second someone says the emperor has no clothes, and that little fact catches on, their little delusion is dead.