Friend of mine pointed this out to me (he’ll know who he is).

On the one hand, it’s beautifully executed. It also has one hell of an emotional punch – it’s effective.

That said, an observation.

Even Saberhagen’s Berzerkers, even the Terminators, as ruthless and determined as they were, had a goal, and would stop. They, and computer AI’s, once a goal was met, would stop. They may scout, but they won’t keep attacking a site once there’s nothing more left to attack.

So the last day of war – well after humanity destroyed itself – idiot programmers deployed their war machines to keep operating until nothing worked anymore, and only then was the war over – no victory condition short of that.

And while it is good to see someone who believe’s life will come back, will struggle, the fact that we are not part of it, reads as a message that we – despite being part of and born of nature – bring ugliness to the world and it is with our passing that beauty returns.

The fact that people commenting on the short film feel that this may be how we end up? That we as a race are suicidal?

Just, in general, I’d say the film works from antihuman assumptions, and reflects an attitude I’d seen in some europeans I’ve known.