Brad Walker has a nice compilation of reactions from Vox Day, Sargon of Akkad, and a few observations himself on the total media freakout over Trumps wrestling tweet.

For that matter, Scott Adams covered it in his periscope. TLDR: It’s embarassing and juvenile, but effective, and – entirely coinceidentally, of course – exactly the right bit of persuasion to make the media shriek and look like idiots while getting a laugh from his supporters. He also describes it as Trump handing the media the rope, and the instructions on how to hang themselves, then watching them proceed to do so.

I’m going to leave aside the easy targets for “projection” though – all the calls for violence on the left that were dismissed as “just art”.

Instead, Pelosi appears to be losing her mind/getting dementia. This is not the first case of her losing context in front of a crowd.

But the left, and the media, of course is harping about how Trump is insane, and unfit for office.

Yet we’re still, especially in academia, seeing an utter and ongoing collapse in common sense. A Stanford professor prattles on about how calling your homework easy is microagression in yet another case of “I can’t meet that standard so it’s a criticism of me, it’s all about meeeee”.

But Trump is insane.

Perhaps it’s less projection than they are so far from wisdom they think it’s insanity?

On another note, Today’s Dilbert cartoon is fun.