This is… disturbing.

OK, the “wrong” with this video is… oh god, just make it stop.

Seriously, the whole “kids show” vibe has me creeped out beyond mere horror after having read The Last Closet, the rank totalitarianism, ditto.

But seriously, the example used? One kid can’t dispose of their gum properly so everyone gets punished?

I was raised in the Marines, and joined the Navy. One ship, one crew, one screw. I’m used to how, in the military, etc., there are group punishments for individual infractions, when the hierarchy feels it’s necessary. I get it.

But what kind of psychotic parent says “no, no-one in the house gets gum/etc. because Billy can’t handle it.”? You deal with Billy’s, or whoever’s issues, and their inability to be responsible for the messes they create, because gum will hardly be the only example.

It’s creepy, it’s psychotic, it’s condescending, it just utterly makes me want to make sure my kids or other innocents are never, ever, anywhere near those responsible for this.