A theme that Vox Day has been hammering lately as Apple plays stupid games with accepting an iOS Gab app, as Wikipedia, publishing, the SF world, and so forth becomes progressively more converged, is that of helping out.

Every little bit helps. Even if you cannot provide assistance to a good project, you can help suffocate the beast by starving it of oxygen and resources.

If all you can do is to minimize your facebook usage, do so.

If you can start using Gab at gab.ai instead of Twitter, in whole or in part – do so.

Cite Infogalactic at infogalactic.com instead of Wikipedia.

If you have to post a reference to a mainstream media article at Salon, the Huffington Post, the NYT, the WashPo, and so forth, archive it first, and link to the archive. This not only starves them of ad revenue, it also minimizes the chances that they silently “correct” the article later.

If you can tell friends, family, and others about them, do so.

If you can contribute time to edit at infogalactic, do so.

If you can contribute to gab, the infogalactic “burn unit”, or something similar, do so. They’d rather have steady, small contributions than big, showy ones.

If you have a choice between a book at a big 5 publishing outfit, and something less mainstream like Baen, Castalia House, or a number of excellent independent authors  – consider the alternate sources first. Castalia alone is taxing my ability to keep up with the reading, even without considering Nick Cole, Brian Neimeier, B V Larson, and others.

Every little bit helps. It matters not if you can only do one of these things, or all of them.

Go forth, help us take over the world, and have fun doing it!