Not too long after posts on immigration by myself, and a followup on it and “skin in the game” in “Fixing the Magic Dirt Problem” by the Didact, here’s a rant by the inimitable Razorfist. I largely agree with it, and though I’d likely be more restrictive on even legal immigration numbers than he is, I think every point he makes here is pure gold.

While I agree that it’s surprising how many people actually want restricted immigration despite their supposed politics – it’s still surprising how many people who drank the SJW koolaid are true believers.

He also spends a lot of time on something many immigration debaters ignore – the country the immigrants are coming from.

Update – the woman yelling “stop splitting up families”?

Stefan Molyneux has an excellent response – should we not send a murderer to jail because “it breaks up the family”? What about a deadbeat “child support in arrears” dad?

Update 2: BTW – The “deadbeat dad” argument is for the feminist types who believe jailing such people is a good thing. Wouldn’t work on me. Leaving aside the “so how is he going to pay you now” argument, the entire divorce/child support industry is a money extracting scam for the benefit of the legal system and not the families, or the kids.

It is worth noting though that feminists are perfectly happy to split up families, ignore abuses of visitation, put dads in jail, etc. if they’re not immigrants or violent criminals.