It turns out that Noam Chomsky was alway s full of shit, and not just when bloviating about areas outside of his supposed expertise.

Yes, supposed.

While he tends to mouth off about a lit of things, and holds the typically ever-so-liberal opinions on them, he’s given a lot of credence because of his academic chops in linguistics.

It also turns out he was fundamentally wrong in his understanding of language learning. And it’s not some supposed “conservative” rag that is taking him to task, but Scientific American. I’ll grant you, I don’t consider them as definitive as I used to any more as they long have sold out to the politically correct view, but in many ways this makes it more fun – their very biases make this even more damning.

I’ll be returning to this later once I’ve gotten over my Schadenfreude and had a chance to think over the article. In the meantime, SJW’s always lie. If they’re not lying to you, they’re lying to themselves, about the very nature of reality or their motivations, if nothing else.