I’ve had a number of hobbies over the years. Some I intend to return to – modeling (plastic models of tanks, planes, and Sci Fi stuff), music (violin, may pick up guitar), 3D modeling, drawing. Some I am adding – playing games with paracord. Some I may not return to because, for example, as much as I like painting minis, I’m not inclined to buy enough to seriously play in most systems, and even non-serious play by normal looking people that bathe, etc. is rare around these parts.

I’m not factoring in housework or repairs – I like building things but am not actually taking it to the level needed to justify buying table saws, etc. (neighbor has two, and other stuff, like welders), or making furniture. It’s an acquired skill, not a hobby.

So, I mentioned paracord. It’s a hands-on skill that requires some dexterity, gets you something to wear you made yourself, teaches consistent detail work, and can either be more decorative or practical depending how important rapid deployment is to you.

Here’s a good starter project:

Cobra paracord bracelet

And linked on that page, video: