One thing I've often observed of the left is that to a greater degree than average, they really hate people. Across the board. The good little book-and-wine club mom with the fridge magnet "jokes" about how awful it is to raise kids and talks of children as a burden by default is but a milder example of the butch-haired woman who openly talks about wanting to kill men. Her choice, regardless of the consequeces to the life she carries with her, or to the mental health of her kids down the road. Even leaving aside abortion, or the ease with which they dismiss the responsibility of raising the enxt generation in the face of fun, we've seen case after case in Hollywood and politics where those who preach the loudest about how great they are saving lives and helping the oppressed treat people with utter contempt. It's about their adventure, how it makes them look. Modern "literature" and popular books as recommended by the NYT are full of horrible people being horrible. The works utterly dwell on awfulness rather than beauty.

Or nobel prize winners like Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Don't get me started, again, on Stephen King, an author who I never would have picked up years later after college if I'd realized "the long walk" and other books written under his Bachman nom de plume were his. The Stand, Eyes of the Dragon, etc., all dwell on depravity and nihilism. The Dark Tower series started out OK, as if it might have salvation, but he sold that one out too.

That man really hates people.

And of course they project.

Because they're good people, as they have to remind themselves to be all the time, then those of us who freely admit we live in a world where anger and voilence exist and must be controlled must be far, far worse underneath, given what roils beneath the surface of their thoughts. The thought that we keep less constant rage and fear on the leash is utterly foreign to them.

You see it in the utter joy taken at the thought of rendering someone an unemployable unperson, ruining their life and any possibility of livelihood or participation in the public square.

Nevermind bugs as a protein source - heck, some people think tofu is A-OK - only someone who truly hates people would, with a straight face, suggest cannibalism as a solution to world hunger.

Because climate change, and save the planet.

For the rare few here who are unfamiliar with the (no longer so) extreme ends of the eco movement, yes, there have been for years now, people saying that we should stop giving birth, having kids, etc., to save the planet. Some are quite willing to expedite that a bit by stepping in to lend a hand.

All in the name of the planet of course.

But not the people.