Been mostly out of touch the last week or two with family and work, but it’s a new year. Also, had issues regarding wordpress and memory limits, so going through to clean up and optimize a few things else I’ll have to make some host changes.

Looking back, it’s been an utterly mind-blowing year. The God-Emperor is president. We have a rising indie and pulp author movement. Call it an alt-SF, with Castalia House also providing some serious literature and strategy as well, and more importantly, publishing the full story of Moira Greyland and the darkness of a feminist SF icon.

We’ve seen SJW’s utterly freak out – and I’ve had the misfortune of seeing that up close at the family level in addition to the national violence.

There is certainly hope that we may be able to turn the tide on the social justice, “white genocide is a good thing” left. If only they were more in the fringe, and opposed by the supposedly sane left (though many of them still refuse to believe CNN repeatedly and provably lies and distorts). And if we can do that, whatever happens in these no longer so quite so united states, there is hope we can salvage something as well.

I’ve had some good – or at least decent – whiskey, some good coffee, gotten into somewhat more consistent if not better shape.

My friends like the Didact are knocking it out of the park as well. Go read his New Years post, his thoughts on TradThots, his excellent review of The Last Closet, more notes on Introverts, and of course some T&A.

Yes, babes. Lots of them.

Love you all, hope you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas, and may you have a happy new year ahead of you.