Not too long ago there were two shootings on military bases. The usual level of hysteria and amplification was likely dampened by the fact that the desired "angry white male" that the left and media (but I repeat myself) have been getting themselves off dreaming of since the days of the DC sniper, was typically, yet again furtively wished for yet not present.

What might surprise most people, though likely fewer people who read me, is that military basis are largely de facto gun-free zones.

This has prompted a couple articles that bring that point up.

I know, I know, torpedoes, cannons, rifles, etc.

Sure, there are guards at the gate. Ditto, if you enter various secure areas, such as I-can-neither-confirm-nor-deny-if-we're-loading-nukes weapons loading piers guarded by armed Marines who will put your face in the dirt if you give them any backtalk about searching the bags you bring in.

But daily life? The hospital? Most office buildings? Hell, base housing in most bases? The barracks?

Depending on the base, you may not be entitled to keep personal weapons in your home, even if you have your own family living unit. And barracks? Sure, the rifles may be immediately at hand (in some barracks), but ammo is checked out for excercises, and accounted for when checked back in.

The reason the response took so long to take the shooters down in these base units is because, in part, despite being surrounded by firepower, the majority of the people themselves are kept unarmed.