Well, the first of Vox Day’s “Voxiversity” videos is out, on immigration and war.

Predictably, within 25 minutes of being posted, the video was marked down. It apparently hadn’t actually violated standards, because despite already supposedly being “reviewed” it was allowed to stay up, but it was in twitter jail.

Demonetized is the least of it.

You can’t search for it.

You can’t comment on it.

You can’t share it via the usual share link.

You can’t even save it to a playlist or “watch later”

You have to hand the links around.

Fortunately, there are alternatives.

So far there is BitChute, Daily Motion, and yes, you can still see it, as of this writing, at YouTube. There will apparently be other places to find the video, though I doubt Dennis Prager will have much to say about it despite some Ilk or Dread Ilk passing it along.

If you want your own copy, I was pointed to a cross platform (Mac, Linux, and Windows) app called ClipGrab. Predictably, it can’t search for the video on YouTube, but it also can’t download it directly even given the URL due to the search and share API restrictions. Fortunately, it will work with the BitChute link.