During gamergate, we got to some serious idiocy under “don’t you know how a browser works?” Among others, we got to see people posting screenshots of “hate messages” sent to them – with the submit button waiting for the message to post still present, unsent.

So enter Kurt. Browsers have tabs. If you’re going to screenshot something, yo umay want to make sure that you don’t include other tabs, windows, your desktop, etc.

The latest piece of political theatre to grace the tubes has been the amusing non-event of Kurt Eichenwald, editor at Vanity Fair, writer for Newsweek, and virulent anti-Trumper, accidentally tweeting out a picture which revealed his interest in MILF themed hentai comics.

He was arguing with Tucker Carlson at the time, worrying at the Fox News correspondent over the eternal threat of Antisemitism, unaware that he’d failed to close the tab in his browser which was opened on to the Bi-Chiku hentai.  Rather than admit his faux pas, he doubled down; claiming that he and his kids were trying to prove the existence of tentacle porn to his wife.

Aurini uses this to springboard into exactly how weaksauce the meme that started this whole kerfluffle was, and some R/K theory.
More on this [at the Ralph Retort](http://theralphretort.com/really-happened-kurt-eichenwald-outs-fan-hardcore-hentai-608017/) as well. Lots more.