On a related note to my post on how the language used by Kamal-Joe absolutely precludes any kind of healing and redemption in any meaningful sense other than "do what we tell you and like it" - I was reminded that when Trump was elected, there was no "OK, let's work together" from the left, nevermind any compromise.

All their calls of "working together" are just to get us to stop resisting.

You know, that thing they've been doing the last four years, complete with a hashtag.

So here's my answer to "working together". To the people who spent four years screaming about Russian collusion, and tried to impeach a president for what their darling bragged about doing - to his own family's personal benefit. To people who've called me and my friends neo nazis, and every ugly name in the book. To the people who've ruined people's careers and put people in the hospital.

Go to hell.