OK. I finally caught up and listened to this video through – one of the longest single productions I’ve listened to outside of D6G podcasts, and no, it wasn’t one sitting.

(Video was removed)


There’s a lot in here. GG and SP history, personalities, and so forth. I think one note does need to be added.

They almost alluded to the crowd in GG that was all about the “ethics in journalism”, and how a number of the moderates/etc. then went away. They also discussed how Brad Torgerson, basically a likable guy, and the fourth Sad Puppies campaign, basically undercut themselves by getting into the disavowal game on one hand, and on the other accepting works like Ancillary Justice – an example of the type of message fic which was the very reason Sad Puppies started in the first place.

The thing that is overlooked is this. Leaving aside the dynamics of “sociopaths” entering a community or scene, the large chunks of #Gamergate *only *in it for the ethics and the shoddy behavior  as opposed to being anti-SJW didn’t realize that the ethics and shoddy behavior were a direct, inevitable result of them being SJW’s, and that opposing one manifestation of SJW entryism wasn’t enough.