First, a correction. The other favorite Cars album I was thinking of the other day was actually Heartbeat City, which had the song "Hello Again" on it.

So, the Didact posts on Technometal a couple days back, featuring songs I hadn't heard by a band that I like, Dance with the Dead, but hadn't bothered to follow since discovering them in conjunction with retro-wave. I also had not realized they'd done a Scandroid remix.

OK, my bad. Put the newer albums in the playlist ASAP.

Nevertheless, in a very 80's/90's, mecha, synth driven way, I was reminded of an old Playstation turned PC/Mac game called Future Cop: LAPD. Yes, it's a game where you fly/drive a hovertank of sorts around LA, complete with various weapons like mortars, and when you need serious firepower, shift to a walker mode which for some rule of cool reason has much more firepower available.

Yes, I have fond memories of it, wasted a huuuuuge number of hours on it decades ago, and it apparently holds up pretty well.

Which brings me back around to darkwave.

I absolutely love Irving Force's Godmode for workouts, especially the trio of "Overlord", "Send Him In", and "Street Mech".

For a guy who's liked Battletech since it was still called Battledroids, Streetmech has a slow, driving beat that conveys the ponderous inevitability of a 30+-foot walking avatar of mayhem and destruction with a floating grace. I can imagine a Warhammer or Battlemaster dealing out death and destruction through the streets of a city, rounding a corner and unloading on a mech or tank across a square, to this.