Trump has, from the standpoint of selling to the US Government and related concerns, severely impacted future sales of stuff produced, designed, etc. in China, as noted here:

In short, the God-Emperor has declared war against all foreign intelligence interests using China as an attack vector. He’s pissed in the Deep State’s cereal. He’s told China we’re ready to start building our own electronics back on American soil. He’s told the tech industry, all of it, that business as usual is over. Cheap, but compromised, electronics won’t be available from China, excuse me, “adversaries” for purchase by the US.

Yes, it may be more "efficient" and "cheaper" to outsource critical infrastructure that has access to all of your communications, but it is not more resilient, or antifragile, as it leaves you with a single/reduced point of failure/vulnerability that is not under your control and leaves you at the mercy of the goodwill of others who may have goals at odds with your own.

I've addressed it before. Keep in mind, that in a global society, all you need is that intolerant minority Taleb discusses to affect everyone. It doesn't matter if 99% of the countries agree to play along if one, say, China, decides it doesn't.