The Kavanaugh hearings are over, and is now sitting on the supreme court. Cue freakouts by people who bought the media shitstorm.

Now, a lot of this has been covered in depth, and I'll link a couple relevant vids below all of this. The carefully constructed story that could not leave her open to perjury. The incident itself which physically sounds like a terrified spin on some horseplay gone wrong - and I personally find the emphasis on how embarrassed she was interesting because I've seen women take an incident where they were embarrassed/etc. and turn it into an epic conspiracy of people out to get them/etc. (and not spoken to those "friends" again for years) despite the evidence of my own eyes and others. The scrubbed yearbook records that, when finally found, indicated she may not have the clearest memory of her HS years. Her lying about how badly her clautrophobia kept her from flying. And on, and on, and on.

No, what I want to point out is this:

When it came to even people supposedly on her side, the Democrat politicians and policy makers and senators and media types, even they didn't actually believe her.

Oh, sure, they found her just credible enough to keep her in their back pocket, pay for lawyers, convince her to lie by example about the efficacy of polygraph tests which her profession condemns, and try to scrub her social media presence, but they didn't believe her.


Because with months of lead time during the hearings to present the evidence, evidence which if it was a slam dunk would have completely allowed Kav's nomination to be sunk and thus pushed further nominations past the mid-terms, they didn't bring it up.

In short, again, they did not feel it would stand up to measured scrutiny. Even her "allies" didn't have enough faith in Ford to present the evidence when it would have done the most good.

First Aydin Paladin, in her usual pedantic style. I'm not absolving Ford of the hysterical self-rewrite I mentioned above but Aydin goes into the science of how trauma affects memory - and having actually dug up textbooks Ford has written, is even more offended by how she misrepresented herself, her profession, and memory recollection to congress.

And Stefan. He does an excellent job of actually placing himself in scene and asking "does this make sense?". This is one of the vids and most of the Kav-related ones wander as he's been working on a new livestreaming format.