First, Owen Benjamin giving an overview of what’s been going on with the #GunnBan, and others:

At 1:35 – always leading to starvation and genocide? Socialism is a death cult. Of course it ends in starvation and genocide. Around 8:40 – he states that if you’re defending James Gunn don’t bother being a fan of his. I fully agree. I’m a fan of his. Owen also brings up that Oscar-nominated border-pedophile movie about the underage boy. At 16:20 he reminds us – “This is what they think is funny that they tweet about.”

Oh, and an excellent medium write-up on the issue as well, taking apart little Ben Shapiro for his dishonesty. Yeah, that asshole, who I long ago pegged for being a dishonest snake years before the 2016 campaign and his Lewandowski BS, who enjoyed appearing to be opposition, from his utterly lame performance in various interviews, with a dose of smug layered on top.

Accusations against pedophiles may hit a bit close to home for him – or at least his associates.

Shapiro’s own social media and graphic design consultants, two gentlemen running the anti-Trump doxing account, Reagan Battalion, have unanswered allegations of child pornography pending against them.

If we took Shapiro at his word, that he’s a conservative ideologue, and used two of his books, Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV and Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism is Corrupting Our Future, there’s no quarter for Gunn’s comments.

We see arguments like “free speech!”. Well, I believe in free speech – and now that Gunn has freely spoken, we’re free to decide if we want anything to do with him.

We see “my principles”! “We shouldn’t behave like that!

That ship has sailed, morons. Yes, one of my principles is civilized behavior. Giving people a fair shake.

Here’s the thing.

One of my principles is civilized behavior – and that cannot exist among barbarians unless enforced. A person who gets away with and gains from being a little shit won’t tend to stop until the price gets too high for being a little shit. As a consequence of that principle, as a consequence of having eyes, of understanding game theory, of having thought long and hard on the Golden Rule, I also believe in reciprocity.

He declared his principles, referencing the cartoon below in a tweet about other people being banned and fired…

…I’ll do him the respect of treating him by his declared standards.

Karma is a bitch.

Incidentally, that cartoon marks the point I stopped paying attention to XKCD. Not because the freedom of association aspect encapsulated in the cartoon itself, but because of how he applied it. That last panel. If they truly believed in freedom of association as a universal value, the people who think you’re an asshole are free to ignore you, don’t have to invite you in, but in the context it was presented, there’s a strong element of “we’re kicking you out of society.”

“But they were just jokes!”

Uh – actually, in structure, only a couple really come close, and *who the fuck thinks like that? *

“But really, they were only jokes.”

Read the goddamn quotes. Then go read the Last Closet by Moira Greyland. One or two? Sure, maybe. Three times – a systemic issue. It’s something on his mind. Sure, over the course of thousands of tweets it may still come up a few times, but 20 and more? Shower heads and he thinks of little boys pissing on him? Liking a movie so much he wants to fuck the boy next to him? Wanting to maintain a hardon around underage girls? Banter back and forth about jacking off to a then-underage Justin Beiber? This is the well he keeps going back to?

Read up on grooming, how the pedophiles target kids. You slowly push the envelope, make these thoughts if not necessarily acceptable, then unworthy of comment. you blind the adults around you to darker actions because you’re “just joking”, while also, through the adults around you condoning that language, make it appear acceptable, tolerated.

Read up on how Moira Greylands dad operated openly, how her mom, science fiction “feminist icon” Marion Zimmer Bradley not only defended Breen, but raped and abused her own kids. How they had kids over to take advantage of them, and many of the parents knew.How many people they invited to try and share their daughter with.

“But that video wasn’t child porn”

The title sure made it seem like that though, and Gunn responded with sexual remarks.

And that invite was sent by Huston Huddleston, convicted for having child porn.

“No one believes that this joke is any more serious than a baby in a blender, nobody does that.”

Maybe someone somewhere does kill babies that way, but that would be vanishingly rare in America, and even in places where life is cheap, they wouldn’t waste the energy. But pedophilia? It happens. All too provably often. Not just the aforementioned Breen, but case after case after case. Teachers abuse their kids more often per capita than Catholic priests, though you rarely hear about it. Epstein. Anthony Weiner.

Not only is it far more common than I’d wish, but all too often in places of protected power.

So yes, someone joking like that, in the first person, as if they were the pedo?

I take it as a flag that something is seriously off.

Basically, I’m tired of some of the excuses for opposing the only #GunnBan I agree with. Especially from cucky so-called “conservatives” and moderate squishes. Some of them – I’m thinking of the Quartering specifically at a minimum, have no right to refer to anyone as a cuck again.