Larry Correia, the mountain that walks, the International Lord of Hate of the Evil Legion of Evil, and Sad Puppy One, takes a break from vacation to respond to someone being stupid on the internet. And since it is the Huffington Post, it is very, very stupid indeed. An excerpt (but please, read the whole thing. The only people who write as prolifically are Johns, Wright and Ringo):

Writing is hard work, but the act of writing can also be thrilling, enriching your life beyond reason when you know you’re finally nailing a certain feeling with the perfect verb.

The verb I would pick for Laurie’s essay is Bloviate
verb (used without object), bloviated, bloviating.
** speak pompously.

It might take a long time to find that perfect verb.

Naw, it was pretty obvious right out the gate.

But that’s how art works. Writing is an art deserving our esteem.


Best of all, was a reader comment I saw posted by Sky Henstrom over at Google+:

I know people like that. Needless to say they aren’t the cats I want to hang out with.

Seriously. What is it, about once a year huffo shits one of these out, articles extolling the status quo and the gatekeepers? Its like Roman Empire Newsletter, circa 450 AD, headline: We’re Still Great! Still Running Shit, ignore those Barbarians, please!

I absolutely love that mental image.