I stole this title, from the irascible and blunt, but well read Tom Kratman, (if you have not yet read the freely available A State of Disobedience, do so. It’s not his best book, but still), and his column over at everyjoe.

The short version?

an election that doesn’t see in office very soon a man or woman dedicated to obliterating the tyrannical administrative and bureaucratic state means the death of the republic, too. The difference is that, without Hillary, we may have a little more time while, with her, that would be it.

The long version? Describing, using not only Hillary’s own stated preferences, but what she, and after that, Obama, have actually done or tried to ram through, will almost certainly do to render the first and second amendments a moot point, and the entire concept of America a moot point by bringing in people who do not believe in America as anything but a place to loot for goodies.

Also, very importantly, how NOT to do it.

He’ll be writing more on this topic.

And do yourself a favor, go read A Desert Called Peace, and every Carrerabook since.  All his other stuff too, especially the Ringo/Aldenatta contributions, though the standalone Caliphate perhaps hits too close to home as an all-too-possible nightmare, sci fi tech excepting.