Not much to say about this town. The main part of town is laid out in a square grid, with a fort midway along one side facing the water, and small beaches and boat docks along the same edge. There's a beautiful cathedral in town, and it's obviously a tourist spot - some nice little restaurants and shops and cafes that you'd find at any beach or resort town, but far fewer tacky ones due to the small size.

You can get a pretty good tan even at the northern latitudes with all of the hours of sunlight in the summer.

Interestingly, for all that they believe in a social welfare system, one thing that is not common in Europe at all are public restrooms, even along, or especially along, public areas like beaches and parks. The percentage of door locks that take credit cards in such a small area is pretty impressive.

Also, the little fish and meat market sells reindeer, moose, and whale sausage.